Prososial in English

Prososial  Center for Social and Emotional Learning  

Prososial is a non-profit organization, buildt over a set of association rules. The association was formed in February 2007.

Prososial has set itself the goal to collect, adapt, develop and be instrumental in bringing out knowledge about social competences of children and young ones.

Target groups
Prososial´s target groups are all adults in Norway who are in daily contact with children, e.g. primary pedagogues, teachers and parents. Our work is focused towards individuals, institutions, schools and homes.

Steg for Steg
The most important target for Prososial will be Steg for Steg.
In the early nineties there was a rising demand for a program developing children´s social skills for violence prevention. Second Step  developed by Committee for Children in Seattle, USA, was found and brought to Norway by the two social workers: Laila Roald and Lita Fougner. The program was translated and piloted in schools in Asker and Oslo.

In 1998 Nasjonalforeningen for Folkehelsen was given the option to publish the program.They gave it the name: Steg for Steg. Steg for Steg has been very popular in Norway because it is methodically and logically constructed and workable. 65% og Norwegian Primary Schools and 35% of the Kindergartens i Norway has bought the program.

The non-profit organization Cesel in Denmark took in 2007 over the licence and was responsible for the further developing and publishing of Steg for Steg. Prososial was sub-licenced by Cesel to promote Steg for Steg and organize meetings of information and full-time courses in Norway.

From 2009  the publishing firm  Special-pædagogisk Forlag (Special Education Publisher) has taken over the responsibility of Second Step material in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.The Danish edition is named "Trin for Trin" and was first published in 2003. The Swedish edition is named "StegVis".

The Danish translation of Second Step has been being tested in Greenland (Tulleriit) and has formed the basis of both the Swedish (StegVis) and the Icelandic version (Stig af Stigi) of the material.

International co-operation about Second Step
Second Step is widespread in USA, Canada, Japan, Germany, UK, Norway, Finland, Lithuania and Slovakia. The program is being tested in Estonia, Turkey and Bulgaria .

Prososial takes part in a biannual international meeting, where the countries mentioned exchange ideas, knowledge and experience of Second Step.

Please read more about Second Step on Committee for Children´s homepage: